Other Pharmacutical Packing

Wholesale and export other vials and bottles  from China, 2000pcs of other vials and bottles get wholesale price. inquiry now at once.

Plastic Medicine Bags

Plastic Specimen Cups, Collector or Container

Nappy Sacks & Nappy Bags

Pill Cutters / Pill Splitter

Pill Storage Box

800ml Disposable Plastic Femal Urinals

picture (image) of bizard-bags-plastic.jpg
Plastic Bizard Bags

picture (image) of kidney-tray.jpg
Kidney Tray

picture (image) of versabin-bin-s.jpg
Plastic Versa Bins Versatile Organizers

picture (image) of urine-bag.jpg
Urine Bags

picture (image) of male-urinal-s.jpg
1000ml Disposable Portable Male Plastic Urinals

picture (image) of pp-autoclavable-urinals-s.jpg
1000ml Disposable PP Autoclavable Urinals

picture (image) of tounge-presser-s.jpg
Wooden Tongue Pressers

picture (image) of tablet-crusher-s.jpg
Tablet Crusher / Pill Crusher

picture (image) of pet-bandage-s.jpg
PET Bandage

picture (image) of 28-days-pill-box-s.jpg
28 Days Pill Box

picture (image) of blister-tray-s.jpg
MDS Trays ( Blister Trays, Dossette Boxes)

picture (image) of male-female-urinal-with-lid-s.jpg
1000ML Disposable Plastic Male and Female Urinals

picture (image) of male-female-urinal-with-lid-cover-s.jpg
1000ml PE Male and Female Urinals with Cover

picture (image) of male-female-urinal-white-s.jpg
800ML White Portable PP Female Urinals

picture (image) of pc-600ml-oxygen-humidifier-bottle-s.jpg
PC 600ml Oxygen Humidifier Bottles

picture (image) of male-urinal-1000-2000ml-ps-mu-04-s.jpg
1000ml-2000ml Disposable PS Male Portable Urinals

picture (image) of plastic-bedpan-for-toileting-s.jpg
Disposable Portable Plastic Bedpan For Toileting

picture (image) of 1000ml-disposable-plastic-vomiting-bags-s.jpg
1000ml Disposable Plastic Vomiting Bags With PP Necks

picture (image) of week-pill-box-01-s.jpg
Plastic Extra Large Seven-Day Pill Organizer Box

picture (image) of pill-organizer-detachable-compartments-s.jpg
Plastic Pill Organizer with Detachable Compartments

picture (image) of anti-coronavirus-face-mask-01-s.jpg
Disposable Surgical Face Mask for Anti-Covid-19 CoronaVirus

Established in 1992, Suncity specialize in supplying plastic pharmaceutical packing and medical device. Suncity is a leading manufacturer and exporter of other vials and bottles in China. We are your best supplier.

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