5ml-50ml Clear Empty Plastic Bottle with Dropper and Cap

Suncity's empty plastic bottles with dropper offer excellent clarity, durability, and recyclability.  Each empty bottle comes with a quality corresponding cap that secure the container contents and provides an extremely tight seal.

  • 5-50ml blue plastic dropper bottles
  • Both child resistant cap (CR cap)  and tamper evident cap available
  • PET bottle or PE bottle
  • Child safety cap
  • Available for e-liquid, e-cigarette,  e-juice,  eye dropper, light oil
  • Colorful body and cap: clear, milky, silver, blue, golden, grey, green, pink  available too
picture (image) of bottle-with-dropper-and-cap.jpg
Item No. Description
EDPE05 Clear 5ML
EDPE10 Clear 10ML
EDPE15 Clear 15ML
EDPE20 Clear 20ML
EDPE30 Clear 30ML
EDPE50 Clear 50ML

Whichever style of plastic bottles you choose, Suncity offers the best wholesale pricing on empty plastic bottles as well as fast delivery of your order. Give us a try and order today!

Suncity wholesales 5ml-50ml Clear Empty Plastic Bottle with Dropper and Cap, Just 2000pcs get wholesale price, now.

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