Boston Rounds Glass Dropper Bottles

  • Four parts assembled, they are rubber teat, screw cap, amber bottle,and plastic pipette or glass pipette
  • Amber glass bottle
  • Dropper on boston rounds
  • Sharp tip or round tip
  • Glass pipette, plastic pipette availabel
  • USP type 11
picture (image) of glass-dropper-bottle.jpg
Item No. Description Qty
GDP4000 0.5OZ 18-400
GDP4001 1.0OZ 20-400
GDP4002 2.0OZ 20-400
GDP4004 4.0OZ 20-400


Standard Molds for Glass Dropper Bottles

Suncity has Standard molds for a wide variety of glass dropper bottles. For customers interested in taking advantage of these molds, our standard molds are ready to be developed for production with minimal time and capital.

Custom Molds for Glass Dropper Bottles

Suncity designs and builds custom molds to meet customers' specific requirements and manufactures a variety of glass dropper bottles.

To create truly unique small glass dropper bottles, you can combine custom colors with a custom mold from our design team.

Standard Colors for Glass Dropper Bottles

Suncity offers a variety of standard colors for the glass dropper bottles: light amber, dark amber, clear, cobalt blue, natural, dark green and white etc.

Custom Colors for Glass Dropper Bottles

Suncity also offers custom limitless colors to add your own signature to the glass dropper bottles. Suncity has mastered the art of color matching, we match colors in transparent, translucent, opaque or metallic material, We make it easy to get the results you want. it is cost-effectively building brand equity across product lines

Packing for Glass Dropper Bottles

Suncity always pays great attention to packing for glass dropper bottles. All of the packing of glass dropper bottles are strong enough to withstand rough handling. Suncity sometimes reinforces the packing with straps if necessary.

There are various kinds of packing for different glass dropper bottles, Suncity usually uses cartons and pallets for outer packing, and uses cases, boxes and glass bags for inner packing.

Suncity packs the vials and the caps seperatley. As request by the customer, Suncity can put the caps on the glass dropper bottles too.

Suncity wholesales Boston Rounds Glass Dropper Bottles, Just 2000pcs get wholesale price, now.

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