Amber RX Vials with Child-resistant Cap (RX Containers)

Child resistant  RX containers, amber RX vials, green and blue plastic vials are available in convenient sizes and with two caps options, one is child-resistant caps, the other is snap cap (closure). Cases include 10% non-lock snap caps free of charge.

  • Friendly & safe vials feature.
  • Convenient, easy to use.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Child-resistant Vials work with new dual purpose and twist-on caps.
  • Traditional push-down-and-turn, child-resistant cap.
  • Snap cap available.
  • FDA approved, USP standard , CSA certificated.
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Description of Child-resistant RX Vials Item # Qty Carton Meas.
6 dr vials with child-resistant caps CRSC06 600/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
8 dr vials with child-resistant caps CRSC08 410/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
12 dr vials with child-resistant caps CRSC12 310/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
16 dr vials with child-resistant caps CRSC16 260/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
20 dr vials with child-resistant caps CRSC20 400/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
30 dr child-resistant vials CRSC30 270/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
40 dr vials with child-resistant caps CRSC40 200/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM
60 dr child-resistant vials CRSC60 115/cs 33.5*30.5*37.5CM


Updated Design on the Traditional Child-resistant Cap is Available now

  • Alerts cap / closure  in non-child-resistant mode.
  • Screw on cap / closure for non-child-resistant mode on one side of amber vials.
  • Push-down-and-turn, child-resistant cap on the other side of amber vials.

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