Plastic Temper Evident Caps (Tamper Evident Caps)

Suncity plastic  tamper-evident closures signalise when they have been opened for the first time and are specially designed for consumer protection purposes. This type of closure is an indispensable safety factor for the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries. Suncity supplies a range of tamper-evident closures with the ring located internally, externally or flush with the contour – there is always a suitable closure for your packaging.

  • Material of plastic caps:  PE, PP, PET
  • Type of caps:  Screw on, Snap on
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In this case, A tamper-evident ring is provided on the cap skirt  and connected to the skirt by radial tags having point to point attachment to the skirt. The ring obstructs access to the skirt for levering off the cap, so that any such attempt loosens the ring by breaking the tags to provide tamper evidence. The ring is securely fixed to a tab  defined by the weakness extending axially in the skirt. The ring can be used as a handle to split the cap for removal in one piece.

  • TE or T/E is the short for temper evident.
  • Temper evident cap is also called tamper evident cap, TE cap, or T/E cap. it is a kind of closure cap for a container, with a hinge, a lid, or a closure element which is movable to a tamper-evident position.
  • Temper-evident caps will give your customers security.  A range of lining options, from Induction heat seal to hot fill, will insure that there is a cap suitable for your package.

Background of plastic tamper-evident caps

A tamper-evident cap is great for use with a pharmaceutical container. It is now common practice in both the food and pharmaceutical industries to include tamper-evident features in their packaging. The aim is to eliminate, as far as possible, tampering with and/or adulteration of the contents of a particular container.

Tamper-evident features are particularly used on containers, e.g. bottles, for liquid products and are often associated with the cap used thereon. One of the commonest forms of tamper-evident feature consists of a continuous strip, frangibly connected to the cap. When the cap is removed for the first time the frangible portions break, thus separating the strip from the rest of the cap. This particular type of feature is most commonly used with drinks containers, generally bottles, produced by the food industry. There are however problems associated with this type of feature. Firstly it is often not immediately evident that a container has been opened. Quite close, detailed, examination is often required to determine whether the frangible portions have been broken. Secondly the cap must be moulded with the tear off strip. The cap must then be "snapped" onto the bottle with the strip being retained by a ridge or lip such that as the cap is unscrewed the strip is forced against the ridge or lip and the frangible portions break. However the tolerances are quite small and it is often possible to remove the cap with the strip intact, which of course allows tampering with the contents. Pharmaceutical containers also sometimes include this type of feature. However pharmaceutical containers often have child resistant caps. A particularly common form of cap used consists of two parts which can rotate relative to each other. The outer cap is also generally axially displaceable relative to the inner cap and in order to unscrew the cap it is necessary to push down the outer cap such that it interlocks with the inner cap and allows unscrewing of the cap from the container. The use of a frangible strip is not particularly suited to such caps.

TE and CR caps describes a child resistant closure which incorporates a tamper-evident feature. This generally consists of a portion which is frangibly connected to the outer cap such that when the outer cap is depressed for the first time relative to the inner cap, means on the so inner cap cause the frangible portions to break. The tamper-evident portion is thus either removed completely, or more usually, "pops up" while still being partly connected to the outer cap. This provides a much more immediately obvious visual indication of opening.

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