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Plastic Vials With Child-Resistant Caps - A Revolution in Design

In 1986 the Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted a survey of 2,015 accidental ingestions of oral prescription drugs by children under five that had been reported to 9 Poison Control Centers around the country. The findings of this study indicate that all consumers regardless of whether they have young children of their own or not, should always take care to obtain their prescriptions in child-resistant packaging, to close the caps tightly, and to keep medicine stored out of sight and out of reach.

Plastic Vials With Child-Resistant Caps - A Revolution in Design

Thirty-one percent of all medication involved in the reported accidental ingestions belonged to someone other than the child's immediate family, such as grandparents and other older adults. The medicines belonging to this group were some of the most toxic in the study and therefore presented the greatest potential for real tragedy. In addition, these individuals may not always think about taking extra precautions to keep their medicine out of reach when young children are around.

According to the survey results, many of the ingestions involved non child-resistant containers that had been dispensed to parents with young children. For example, plastic vials with child-resistant caps to contain pill medicine and liquid ovals to contain liquid drugs. This indicates that some pharmacists are not aware that all oral prescription drugs must be dispensed in child-resistant packaging unless non child-resistant packaging is specifically requested. These parents were dangerously unaware that the packaging provided no child-resistant protection.

Just prior to the accidental ingestion, most medicine was stored where it was convenient to take, which made it readily accessible to children. Kitchen counters, kitchen tables, and kitchen cabinets were some of the most common storage places.

RX Vials with Child-resistant Caps (RX Containers)
Vials with Dual Purpose Cap
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Plastic Vials With Reversible Dual Purpose Cap

The Consumer Product Safety Commission the American Association of Poison Control Centers, and the Poison Prevention Week Council urge all consumers to use child-resistant packaging and to store medicines out of sight and out of reach whenever young children are around.

Make it easy to open "Push-and-Turn" Containers - With the container resting on a counter or table top

When children are around: Close containers tightly

These plastic vials with child-resistant caps or call vials with push and turn caps for pills drugs and ovals with child-resistant cap for liquid drugs are very popular in pharmacutical packing industry nowdays.


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